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Wendy Carrara

Director and an EU policy advisor, Capgemini Consulting

Wendy is a Director and an EU policy advisor within Capgemini Consulting. She works in the Digital Transformation & Innovation practice of Capgemini Consulting where she is a core member of Capgemini’s global EU account. She plays a central role in the development of future Internet policies and deployment of digital services for governments across the EU.
Since January 2015, Wendy is managing the development of the European Data Portal and associated services, on behalf of the European Commission – DG CONNECT. Beyond being just a Portal, the project offers support services to countries as they mature on their open data journey. In addition, there is a strong focus on driving a user community and understanding the benefits of open data. Moreover, Wendy has been leading the research work on calculating the economic benefits of open data measuring: market size, jobs created, cost savings for public administrations and efficiency gains.
Wendy has equally been supporting DG CONNECT’s reflections on 21st Century Rulemaking in the Digital Age, as well as Open Innovation through workshops and ad hoc working groups within DG CONNECT and the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group.
Building and contributing to the above, Wendy has over 9 year experience in managing complex eGovernment and digital projects as well as studies for the European; Commission bringing together multiple actors ranging from Member State representatives, to multiple EC directorates and businesses.
In addition to her consulting experience, she has worked in the international arena as representative of a national government in defining eGovernment and High Impact Services with the EC, Council and OECD.

Talk Title: 
The European Data Portal: reaping the benefits of Open Data
Talk Abstract: 

Both the private and public sector acknowledge the growing value and benefits of Open Data. Using Data means finding the data in the first place. With larger amounts of public data being published across all EU countries: discoverability of data is key. Other aspects such as consistency in metadata and multilingual searches are also key aspects when search for data cross-border. The European Data Portal aims at offering seamless access to data across Europe as well as support to European countries on their Open Data journey.