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Tatjana Gornostaja

Business Development Manager, Tilde

Tatjana Gornostaja is an experienced manager, trainer and researcher in multilingual technologies. Her academic background is in terminology management (Bachelor and Master) and machine translation for Government-to-Citizen communication (Doctor), accompanying with more than 10 years in the field, including project, service and group management and recently business development at Tilde. Tatjana Gornostaja is a General Assembly member and SME and Startup group lead in Big Data Value Association. More information on LinkedIn profile.

Talk Title: 
Coupling Language and Knowledge via e-Service Ecosystem
Talk Abstract: 

Cross-language e-service ecosystem is strategically important for the European Digital Single Market, or Online Market, which is data-driven. Multilingual data is a huge share of all online data. The synergy of the two worlds – language and knowledge – with their mature technologies is one of the priorities for the two communities to reach the level, on which they are ready for empowering users with business value from multilingual big data and thus offering innovative intelligent and competitive products and services. During our presentation at the European Data Forum, session Multilingual Big Data for e-Commerce and e-Services, we will present the four real life business cases, which are being developed within the innovation action “FREME: Framework for e-Services for Semantic and Multilingual Enrichment of Digital Content”, and will show the potential of FREME for e-Commerce and other business cases.