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Stefan Rohringer

Vice President, Development Center Graz & Deputy CTO, Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Stefan Rohringer, born in Vienna in 1964, is a Graduate Engineer ("Diplomingenieur") in Information Sciences and holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Computer Science from the State University of Delaware, USA. Since 1999 Mr. Rohringer has headed the Graz Development Center of Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Austria's strongest research company. Mr. Rohringer has been deputy CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Infineon Technologies Austria AG since 2014 and has thus fundamentally influenced Infineon Austria's research and development activities. He has also made important contributions to the corporate deployment of Infineon Technologies Romania & CO SCS as a Supervisory Board member, serving since 2011. In addition to his roles at Infineon Austria, Stefan Rohringer has also been chairman of the Research and Development Industrial Forum of the Federation of Austrian Industry in Styria since 2012. Mr. Rohringer is also head of the working group R&D and Innovation for Industry 4.0 of the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

Talk Title: 
Data challenges and opportunities for the European high-tech industry - ways towards Industry 4.0
Talk Abstract: 

In my talk I will demonstrate the necessity for continuous development and consequent usage of big data approaches from a semiconductor manufacturer´s perspective. Wafers being the prerequisite for chips go through hundreds of sophisticated processing steps in a complex production environment across several interconnected factories. Data-based highly automated operation and control along the supply chain leads to higher productivity, faster adaption to demand changes, shorter development cycles, reduced time-to-market, and at the same time it contributes considerably to the constant quality and outstanding reliability of our products. Therefore systematic real-time data collection and evaluation for Infineon is a basic requirement for maintaining and improving our competitiveness.