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Rob Koper

Open University of the Netherlands

Rob Koper is Distinguished Professor at the Open University of the Netherlands, specialized in smart services for learning, education and personal development. He has published over 400 scientific papers in these areas and has been responsible for the research, development and implementation of different innovative digital technologies.

Talk Title: 
Smart Cities: using Data Science to support Citizens Growth and Development
Talk Abstract: 

The concept of Smart Cities is currently focussed on topics like energy, transportation and communication using social media. In this talk I will focus on another aspect: the use of Smart Technologies, based on Data Science, to support citizens in their personal growth and development. A good city is a city in which the citizens are feeling well, can develop themselves during lifetime, are employable and are connected to social communities of their interest. Many modern data science driven technologies can support this personal development and well-being. Questions to answer are, among others: what are the future possibilities and ambitions? How can we realize these in practice? What research challenges should be addressed?