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Michael Bültmann

Managing Director HERE Deutschland GmbH and Nokia Technology GmbH

Since 2008 Michael Bültmann has been Managing Director at Nokia, where he is amongst other issues responsible for working with regulatory entities and governments across the world on behalf of the company. His work primarily focuses on Nokia’s mapping division, HERE.
Prior to that position Michael worked as an attorney in Berlin and Paris and as senior legal counsel for major companies in Germany. In addition he was a visiting lecturer for International Business Law at university of applied science Lüneburg, Germany.
He studied Law in Heidelberg, Germany and St. Gallen, Switzerland. Michael is also board member at SRiW (Association of Self-Regulation in the Internet) and BITKOM, Federal Association for Information, Technology, Telecommunications and New

Talk Title: 
Data Ownership in Mobility
Talk Abstract: 

When you consider mobility today, vast quantities of data are coming from a multitude of different sources ranging from transport and road authorities to infrastructure, devices and vehicles. This data is collected by both private companies and public authorities. To overcome the challenges around mobility in dense urban environments, new forms of collaboration between all stakeholders are required with respect to data and the discussion should be more about enabling temporary access to data and use of information and less about owning information.
Data-intensive business models cannot be commercially sustainable unless there is a diligent consideration of how data is stored, handled and used while respecting the rights of the consumer.