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Mark Forster


Mark Forster
PhD Chemistry, University of London, in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).
Around 35 academic publications in the fields of studies of structure and dynamics of biomolecular systems studied by NMR and computational methods. Co-discoverer of the solution structure of the biologically active macromolecule heparin. Expertise in computational analysis of chemical and biological data, software development and data management. Co-editor of published book on application of open source software to pharmaceutical and life science research.

Chair of the ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee (IAC). Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAB) for OpenPHACTS. Lead organiser of two Wellcome Trust workshops on research informatics. Industry experience in commercial software development, as well as former IS (Information systems) and current R&D team leader for Syngenta chemical research.

Talk Title: 
Open Innovation in the Agri-food industry: the utility and importance of public data in life science R&D
Talk Abstract: 

The utility and importance of public data to commercial life science R&D organisations will be described and explained. The key examples will pertain to the agri-biotech sector, such as agrochemicals, plant breeding and plant biotechnology, with extended applications to the pharmaceutical sector made clear. The research supported by these data resources has important future ramifications in terms of food security and human health and ultimately the ability of industry to develop solutions to some of the grand challenges faced by the world today.