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Kamel Gadouche, Franck Cotton, Alexandre Marty, Nawres Guedria


Kamel Gadouche
Kamel is the director of the French research data center (called CASD) hosted by the GENES Institution (French national statistical authority: Group of National Schools for Economics and Statistics -GENES). He is in charge of promoting the use by researchers of very detailed data owned mainly by public administrations (statistical institutes, ministry of finance, health data...) in a secure way. Before that, he workedas IT manager at Genes and as project manager at INSEE, the French National Statistical Institute.
Franck Cotton
Franck is technology evangelist at INSEE, the French National Statistical Institute, where he started as a business statistician, then becameproject manager for the development of a classifications management system, before taking the responsibility of IT infrastructure and IT security. He is particularly active in the field of metadata standards, linked data and international cooperation.
Alexandre Marty
Alexandre is the Data Science manager at CASD, the French Secure Remote Access Center. With an engineering background, he formerly worked in IT start-ups in Canada. He is now in charge ofthe Big Dataplatformof CASD. He is responsible of both technical and general aspects of the platform. He is also involved in European projectssuch asthe Big Data task force created by Eurostat.
Nawres Guedria
Nawres is a datascientist, she has integrated CASD (the French Secure Remote Access Center) in 2014after graduating from school. She works on the Big Data platform of CASD. She takes part inthe development and maintenance of the IT infrastructure and assists

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In 2014, Genes and Insee set up a Big Data platform in the highly secured area of the French RDC, called CASD-TeraLab. Its architecture allows memory-intensive and massively parallel treatments on large data sets, including highly confidential data. A varied collection of software tools and a catalog of useful data sets are made available on the platform. CASD-TeraLab supports the development of a large range of research and industrial projects, and contributes to the emergence of a data science community. This paper gives an overview of the CASD-TeraLab platform architecture and presents a use case. The presentation will include a brief demonstration of the platform and more use cases.