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Ivar Østhassel, Ling Shi, Nikolay Nikolov, Arne-Jørgen Berre, Dumitru Roman

Statsbygg, SINTEF

Ling Shi works as a senior IT advisor at Statsbygg, Norway. She holds an MSc in Computer Science from 2005 at University of Oslo and is an M.Phil. in System Dynamics from 1999 at University of Bergen. Her interests include integration, integration rules and semantic technology. Currently she is also a part-time Ph.D. student at University of Oslo.
Nikolay Nikolov is a master of science at SINTEF (Norway). He holds a joint Erasmus Mundus M.Sc. degree in Service Engineering from Stuttgart University, University of Crete and Tilburg University from 2014. He has been doing research and software development related to big data, the semantic web and model-driven designs.
Dr. Arne-Jørgen Berre is chief research scientist at SINTEF (Norway) working in the area of interop-erable systems. He has served as technical manager and project manager for a number of IST projects related to semantically interoperable systems, environmental and geospatial services. He is associate professor II at the Informatics department at the University of Oslo, Norway.
Dr. Dumitru Roman works as a Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF (Norway). He is active in the Open Linked Data field where he currently acts as the project coordinator of the DaPaaS and pro-DataMarket projects---both dealing with innovative products and services using Open Data. He holds an adjunct associate professorship at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Talk Title: 
State of Estate: An Open Data-based Reporting Service for the State-owned Properties in Norway
Talk Abstract: 

Statsbygg is the public company responsible for reporting the state-owned property data in Norway. Such reporting is currently a resource demanding and erroneous process. The State of Estate (SoE) ser-vice aims to build a new reporting service by sharing, integrating and utilizing (open and closed) cross-sectorial property data, and to increase the transparency and accessibility of the data from public sectors for further innovation. The proposed presentation will give an overview of status of the SoE reporting service – the first of its kind in Norway and with possibility of replication in other countries – with a specific focus on its key innovations and technical and organizational challenges and solutions con-cerning the use of open data in the SoE service.