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Carl Per Magnus Wicén


Carl Per Magnus Wicén is a an experienced officer from Command Control and Information Technolgy. He has served as Regional Manager for WM-data (Swedish IT Company), Section Manager at Defense Material Administration (FMV), Marketing Director at Rote Consulting AB, Strategos Consulting AB and Termiska Process System AB (manufacturer of heat power plants). He is the current owner of Subitus Consulting AB and Senior Consultant for Offentlig-Privat Samverkan (Public-Private Cooperation Advisory) and Offentlig upphandling (Public Procurement Advisory). He is politically active.

Talk Title: 
The Information Society CityLab by KISEA
Talk Abstract: 

KIRUNA Information Society Exhibition Area (KISEA) will facilitate and organize the world’s first and largest CITYLAB for real life research, development, implementation, testing and demonstrating of Information Society capabilities. This new city will be an exciting exhibition and research area, where new products and services will meet its customers for the first time.
Kiruna CITYLAB will become an incubator for the knowledge required to create the future information society in the service of citizens. Kiruna CITYLAB urges national and international experts, companies and researchers to showcase their innovations.