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EDF2015 Poster Session

The EDF2015 Poster Session will be open on Day 1, November 16, 2015 at 13:00 to November 17, 2015 at 16:00 in the Lobby of the European Convention Centre Luxembourg. 

The list of presented posters (projects, tools, products and services) have been selected from the Call for Contribution to present respective work at the EDF2015 Poster Session.

  2. AgroIT integration platform to support data integration in farming, Rok Rupnik
  3. Application of Semantic and Big-Data Technologies to Structural Monitoring, José Barateiro, Gonçalo Antunes, Artur Caetano, Jose Borbinha
  4. B2C Digitalization via Smartphones and Big Data – the Impact on Traditional Industries and Workplaces in Europe, Key Pousttchi
  5. Big Data – a way forward in risk management, Oliver Dr Maspful
  6. Big Data - can it be tamed? (Automatic scaling of complex analytics for real-world data), Simon Riggs, Jo Dix
  7. Big Multilingual Linked Data, M.T. Carrasco Benitez
  8. BigDataEurope - Showcasing the Societal Value of Big Data, Sören Auer and Simon Scerri
  9. Building Precision Farming Applications by Integrating Satellite Data and Linked Data, Manolis Koubarakis
  10. Climate Tagger - Turning Data into Knowledge, Martin Kaltenboeck
  11. cPPP BIG Data Value – Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, Sonja Zillner
  12. Cross-Lingual Cross-Media Knowledge Extraction from Live Media Streams, Achim Rettinger
  13. Data Integration based on uniform Mapping Definitions to RDF, Anastasia Dimou, Ruben Verborgh
  14. Developer in the Loop – Towards Community-Driven Open Data and Open API Exposure, Marciej Grzenda
  15. EU OPTIQUE European Partner Program (OEPP), Jarl Magnusson
  16. Exploiting Cloud Services for Big Data Mining, Domenico Talia
  17. From the Dutch national SDI to the European SDI (PDOK to ELF), Dorus Kruse
  18. Global media analytics using Event Registry, Gregor Leban
  19. How businesses or organizations, with the correct interpretation and visual representation can use big data to their advantage, Kevin Curran
  20. How does the money flow? Quantitative techniques for gaining insight into virtual currency systems, Bernhard Haslhofer
  21. How to create value out of social media data, Benedikt Wilbertz
  22. IC3 and IC4 trains at risk of blocking their wheels, Bjarn Kjaer Ersboll
  23. Integrated processing and Control Systems for Sustainable Production in Farms and Forests: the SLOPE project, Daniele Migliocchetti, Frederico Prandi, Raffaele De Amicis
  24. Integrating Heterogeneous Urban Data for Emergency Response: The INSIGHT project into Dublin’s Traffic Control Room, Dimitrios Gunopulos, Ioannis Katakis
  25. Intelligent, Multi-Engine Resource Scheduler for Big Data Analytics Workflows, Katerina Doka, Dimitrios Tsoumakos
  26. Km4City: Smart City ontology and tools for city knowledge exploitation, Paolo Nesi, Pierfrancesco Bellini, Gianni Pantaleo, Nadia Rauch
  27. Lifting Legal Open Data to Linked Open Data Overcoming Barriers of Access and Language in European Law and Case Law, Guido Boella, Loredana Cupi, Karsten Gareis
  28. Linked Data and Smart Recommendations for the Promotion of Independent Cultural Content, Pierre Maret
  29. Linked Data-Fu: From Data Integration to System Interoperation, Andreas Harth
  30. Making the development of the data economy tangible: First steps on the road towards an observatory, Daniel Bachlechner
  31. METARATE - incentivize data integration and sharing by rating and rewarding metadata annotation, Francisco Couto
  32. MIDATA.COOP – Cititzen-Controlled Reuse of Personal Data, André Golliez
  33. New Tools for Citizen Innovators Promise to Tear Down Europe’s Geospatial Barriers, Julia Glidden, Susie Ruston, Aneta Rapacz, Pavel Kogut
  34. OPEN DATA NODE (ODN): All You Need to Publish and Manage Open Data, Miroslav Konečný
  35. Open Data with DaPaaS: From Tabular Files to Data Services, Dumitru Roman, Marin Dimitrov, Rick Moynihan, Amanda Smith
  36. Open Innovation in Data Science through Evaluation-as-a-Service, Allan Hanbury, Hening Müller
  37. Playing the Big Data Game: understand a big data ecosystem from within and experience dilemmas in designing data-driven innovations, Freek Bomhof
  38. RETHINK BIG PROJECT: strategic roadmap for hardware, software and networking integration for data analytics, Ernestina Menasalvas
  39. Shaping Data: Scaling Data Visualizations, Olivier Bieh-Zimmert
  40. SUNSHINE: Smart UrbaN ServIces for Higher eNergy Efficiency, Umberto Di Staso
  41. Taking customer contact quality to the next level using big data & speech technology, Milan Schwarz, Maarten Bossuyt
  42. Taking data cataloging and federation to the next level by facilitating powerful reuse, analysis and visualization in the cloud, Matthew Fullerton
  43. The business of privacy by disaster, Gemma Galdon Clavell
  44. The Council Open Data Initiative Pilot Project: Making EU Council votes reusable, Gunther Stuer, Simon Dalferth and Martin Kaltenböck
  45. The Humanitarian Data Exchange - UN-OCHA’s data first responders, Francis Irving, Ian Hopkinson
  46. The Inclusive Enterprise: Harnessing the Power of Social Data to Improve Workforce Retention and Well-Being, Alessandro Bozzon, Robert-Jan Sipps, Geert-Jan Houben
  47. The Research Data Alliance initiative & Engagement with Industry, Fotis Karayannis
  48. Using Internet of Things data for policy: Data variety is the real policy challenge, Tommy van der Vorst, Arthur Vankan
  49. Utilizing Viennese Geographic Open Government Data For Better Inclusion Of Mobility-Impaired Persons, Hans Voss
  50. WebER: Resolving Entities in the Web, Vassilis Christophides, Vasilis Efthymiou